Custom printed folding rules

We print folding rules with personalized images and graphics in high-class quality. On some of our classic wooden models, it is possible to print both on the sides and on the end sticks.

To be able to order a rule with custom print, you start by choosing a model and which surfaces you want to print on. Then you produce images and graphics that you want to use. You can make a finished layout yourself and send it to us, but it is also possible to send us graphics, text and images and we will put together a proposal for a layout. Finally, you choose how many you want. The minimum order quantity for most folding rules is 50 pieces. We do not have direct sales of products with custom prints, so contact your local dealer to make a purchase.

Select model and printing surfaces

We offer custom prints on almost all wooden and plastic folding rules in our range. Follow the link below to see all models available for custom printing. There you will also find information about the minimum order quantity, which surfaces you can print on and how big the print surfaces are for each model.

You can print the sides of all folding rules, choose between printing only one side or printing on both sides. On some of our most popular wooden folding rules, it is also possible to print on the end sticks. In that case we’ll use end sticks with a different layout where there is room for both scale and print. You can choose different print combinations as shown in the image below.

Select images & graphics

When we print on folding rules, it works in much the same way as when you use your printer at home, so it's almost only the imagination that sets the limits. But in order to get as good a result as possible, there are a few things that you can keep in mind.

Avoid small details

You can choose almost any motif, but keep in mind that when we print on the side of the folding rule, there is a small gap between each stick. This means that it is good to avoid text that is very small or images with very small details because they can partially disappear if they end up over a gap.


If you use pixel graphics, i.e. pictures that you take with a regular camera and edit in for example Photoshop, the result will be best if you have a reasonably high resolution. Most of the time it is not a problem, it is generally enough that the image is approximately 1900 pixels in length. (For those who prefer a more technical specification, the image should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi when it has the same dimensions as the desired print surface. For a print surface of for example, 140 x 23 mm, the image will then need be 1654 x 272 pixels.)

If you choose to work with vector graphics, the resolution does not matter, but work at a 1:1 scale if possible and adapt the graphics to the print surfaces specified for each product.


Images (pixel graphics) should be delivered in CMYK format, this means in most cases that the colour profile needs to be changed from RGB to CMYK.

If you work with vector graphics and want to specify exact colour, we use Pantone solid coated as a reference. If you don't have any colour codes yourself, we can help and produce colour specifications that suit your print.

Keep in mind that when you print an image or graphic, colours are not really experienced in the same way as on a screen. If you have access to a printer, you can test and print your layout before submitting it. Your printer may not produce exactly the same results as our printer but it gives a better idea of how it will look compared to a screen.

File formats

For regular images, we accept files in the file formats JPG, PNG and TIFF. For vector graphics, we accept EPS, PDF and AI.

Order and delivery

Once we have received the printing materials from you, we look at them and ensure that they work and that they can be printed with good quality. We will send you a proof through your reseller so you can see how it will look and approve it for printing. Folding rules with custom prints are delivered in boxes of 10 or 50 rules in each or 5-packs wrapped in plastic. Delivery time is between 3 and 4 weeks from approved order.


Unfortunately, we can't give you exact prices here, as we only sell through resellers, they are the ones who determine the final cost. What we can say is that the price of course depends on which product you choose and how many surfaces you want to print on. Then there is a starting cost per order. Finally, there is also a layout cost, but if you later want to order the same product with the same print, you will not have to pay the layout cost again.

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